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Summary of Case Types

Injury Caused by Negligence of Another:
Society requires that compensation be paid to persons who have been seriously injured by careless acts of others, such as careless operation of a motor vehicle, or carelessness of medical care providers, including doctors and hospitals. Insurance money is the only compensation for virtually all injury cases, because bankruptcy will usually discharge any judgment or debt unless the carelessness was from driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Birth Injuries

Brain Injury During Birth / Hypoxia-Ischemia:
Most brain injuries of newborn infants are caused by negligence of the obstetric team in failure to timely perform a caesarian delivery. Prolonged labor when a caesarian delivery should otherwise be performed results in hypoxia-ischemia (lack of oxygen-reduced blood flow to tissues), causing brain damage just prior to delivery. Seizures in a newborn are often telltale signs of a tragically difficult future for a baby, one that could have been a bright future if not for the negligent care by the obstetric team.

Shoulder and/or Arm Injury During Birth / Shoulder Dystocia:
An injury to a child's arm or shoulder during delivery is called shoulder dystocia, caused from stretching the spinal nerves of the neck and spine by improperly and negligently pulling on the infant's head during delivery when the shoulder is jammed at a position, that can be dislodged with reasonable medical care. In certain cases an eye injury is also present because of the particular set of nerves that have been negligently damaged by the obstetrics team.

Death Claim:
Society requires compensation to the family of a loved one who has lost their life by the careless acts of another. Insurance money is the only source of compensation of virtually all injury cases, because as a practical matter bankruptcy will discharge any judgment or debt unless the carelessness was from driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Divorce & Custody:
There are two types of divorce proceedings. One is known as the “Agreed Divorce” where every possible issue is resolved in a written format approved by the Court. If that option is not available for whatever reason, you can seek a divorce through a trial, that can take from a couple of minutes to a couple of days, depending on the issues. In a custody hearing you will easily spend $5,000.00. Please refer to the divorce page for more details.

Criminal Charges:
Anyone who has been accused of /arrested for a criminal act needs highly qualified representation. Attorney Aldred is one of only a few attorneys in Tennessee who is Board Certified as a Criminal Trial Specialist. Attorney Thompson has successfully protected the rights of hundreds of people accused of criminal matters.

The Aldred Law Firm has defended numerous alcohol related cases since 1980. This includes Not Guilty DWI Jury verdicts, which "keeps the D.A. focused." We recognize the catastrophic nature of a conviction; and give 110% to avoid this. With aggressive, experienced legal representation, most cases can eventually be reduced. We have represented high-ranking military officers, nurses, attorneys and others in State and Federal Court on DWI/DUI charges.