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A Conservator is Necessary When Your Parent or Your Child Cannot Take Care of Themselves and/or Their Assets

We know how important family is. YOU must protect them because you love them. Sometimes you must protect them from themselves. An aging parent is often the target for unscrupulous enterprises; a roof that did not need replacing, bank card scams, door to door or phone sales scams to name a few. Elderly adults are easy targets for all types of scams and before you realize it their savings are gone and sometimes their home and car are gone too. Adults who have Alzheimer's or any type of dementia and many other elderly adults need a Conservator. Elder care is a growing responsibility of our generation.

It is likely that during your lifetime your mother or father will need a Conservator. You may need legal help in order to keep your disabled parent from unknowingly squandering their property. Obtaining a guardianship will allow you to take care of their finances. If you are faced with placing your parent in a nursing home you may need to set up a conservatorship in order to manage their finances, sell their property and to protect them from theft. Our caring attorneys can set up a guardianship or conservatorship for you so you can focus on taking care of your loved one.

The first step is to select a law firm who understands Elder Law which includes Conservatorship Law. The Aldred Law Firm will help you set up a Conservatorship or Guardianship for a parent, child or disabled person. A disabled person may need a Conservator or a Guardian to protect and manage their property and finances. Certain situations require a conservator be appointed for a young disabled adult. We can help set up a Conservatorship for money or property when a person is not competent to manage their own affairs.

Many times it is necessary to set up a guardianship or conservatorship for a disabled child. If a child is autistic and soon turning 18 you will need some legal protection for that child's future. If your child is disabled you may need to set up a guardianship or conservatorship to manage their money, set up a trust, and protect their assets. A child is considered incompetent to take care of money and must have a guardian appointed to protect their best interest. Our experienced attorneys can handle this for you so you can focus on caring for your child.

CALL US for a Free Consultation when you need an attorney to set up a Conservatorship, Guardianship for an adult or minor (931)648-9621. You can also submit an inquiry form here.