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Fighting for clients in Tennessee and Kentucky

Your choice of a divorce attorney matters! The Aldred Law Firm has 45 years of experience in contested and uncontested divorce actions, custody disputes, and all areas of family law. We provide aggressive representation to our clients. The party with the best divorce attorney comes out on top whether the dispute involves child custody, visitation, alimony, debts, property, or other issues. A good experienced divorce lawyer can successfully protect your assets, get alimony (or keep your spouse from getting alimony), get spousal support and fight for child custody.

We handle many military divorces. Yes, they are different. We know BAS, BAH, with/without dependants. Tri-Care; division of retirement pay, SBP, etcetera.

A collaborative divorce is a divorce in which a premium is put on reaching a consensus. Frequently the attorney is only paid a retainer fee until a settlement is reached and no court costs. To be successful a collaborative divorce lawyer must be very experienced.

We provide experienced and aggressive representation for your case. Our attorneys are experienced in all areas of family law. If you need a family law attorney to work out a visitation schedule, legal child custody arrangement, parenting plan, or divorce mediation call our office.

We know fathers rights and we are the best law firm around on father's visitation and custody cases, whether you need to enforce father's rights in a divorce, paternity or custody case, we will fight for you.

Call for a free consultation to discuss your child custody questions regarding how to get child custody, sole custody, full custody, or joint custody. Our family law attorneys have successfully fought for many non-custodial parent's rights, grandparent rights, visitation rights, emergency child custody, and have experience modifying parenting plans, or modifying child support. An experienced custody lawyer can help you keep custody of your child and win your child custody case.

We also handle Military Divorces. Click here to get to our Military Divorce Page.

The Aldred Law Firm represents clients in Montgomery County Tennessee, and surrounding counties. We also represent clients at Fort Campbell Kentucky, Christian County Kentucky, and surrounding counties.

Please submit a Divorce Inquiry Form CLICK HERE or call 931-648-9621 now for FREE INFORMATION, or APPOINTMENT. We Want to Help You.