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Juvenile Cases

When a young person breaks the rules of Society, Society, through a good lawyer and the Courts, endeavors to correct the young person's actions more than punish them. Many famous people had indiscretions of youthful behavior by breaking the rules of society, and it was in society's best interest not to brand them as criminals and give them a permanent record which would follow them for the rest of their lives, and disqualify them for many forms of employment, and/or bonding; military service; obtaining professional license such as a dentist, doctor, attorney, nurse, and many other professions that require a license.

The Aldred Law Firm has had tremendous success in representing young members of society in Juvenile Court proceedings. One of our favorite options is what is known as "Juvenile Pre-trial Diversion," per Rule 23 and/or "Informal Adjustment" Per Rule 14. Through this procedure a person under the age of 18 can be brought before the Court, with counseling, and other action with the case being "put on hold" for a period of time. If the young person does all that is required of him, oftentimes the charges are dismissed. Yes, dismissed, as if they were never brought to begin with and the record EXPUNGED. Therefore, the young person not only does not have a Juvenile Court record, he doesn't even have any citations of record.

On other cases, the Aldred Law Firm has represented juveniles, who were tried as adults because of the serious nature of the crime they were charged with committing. Therefore, we have a wide breadth of experience in Juvenile Court proceedings.

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