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The Aldred Law Firm has many years of experience fighting for military families in the courtroom. We provide experienced and aggressive representation. Our attorneys have great success with cases involving military benefits, retirement, custody and relocation with a child for both military members and military spouses.

Unlike other law firms, the Aldred Law Firm is admitted to practice military divorce law in both the states of Kentucky and Tennessee, sometimes both states for the same client. If you need a Tennessee Military Divorce Lawyer or Kentucky Military Divorce Lawyer or a Fort Campbell Divorce Lawyer call us for a free appointment.

Thirty Years Experience

The Aldred Law firm has over 45 years combined success with military divorce. Mr. Aldred began his Military Divorce experience in the Legal Assistance Office at Fort Campbell, Kentucky as a young Army Captain over 30 years ago. As a JAG Military Divorce Lawyer Mr. Aldred was Chief of the JAG Legal Assistance office supervising 4 or 5 military divorce attorneys. They advised both the husband's side and the wife's side, being careful to avoid any conflict of interest. This is why former clients call us the best military divorce lawyers around. The Aldred Law Firm frequently advises other law firms on the technical aspects of protecting and dividing military retirement pay. Yes there are some tricks, and some pitfalls! You need to hire the Aldred Law Firm before your spouse does! If you are an out of town law firm feel free to call.

Military Retirement Pay

We help the service member protect their military retirement. Hiring the best military divorce lawyer is critical if military benefits and retirement are involved, even if the divorce is uncontested. If you are in the military you must consider protecting your military retirement pay. Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating the division of military retirement pay for both sides.

If you are a military spouse, you may be entitled to a portion of the service member's military retirement, BAQ and BAH as well as continuing military health care benefits. If the spouse hires us we virtually always get a 50 % division of military retirement pay.

Child Custody

Military child custody law is unique. We are familiar with military requirements and regulations on BAH, Spousal Support, Child Support, housing requirements, Custody, etc. Custody issues often arise when a divorced military parent has a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and moves out of the area or even to Germany or Korea. We handle all types of military Custody disputes and military child support issues including military relocation and situations in which the military member is sent overseas.


Alimony, or spousal support, is different for military spouses for several reasons. Generally a military spouse is required by AR 608-99 to provide BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) as support to their dependents; but not always. There are exceptions in which a service member will not be required to give up BAH if the lawyer plays the facts right. We have also been successful in obtaining support in excess of BAH by using our knowledge and experience.

Representation During Deployment

We have experience and success representing deployed service members with divorce and custody issues. If you are deployed or are going through a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and the proper venue for your case is Tennessee of Kentucky, we can help you. Many service members have questions about how the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) can protect them and we can answer those questions for you.

Get your Military Divorce questions answered with a FREE CONSULATION! Call (931)648-9621 to schedule or fill out our online Divorce Inquiry Form for more information.