Everyone Needs a Will

Preparing a will is one of the most important things you can do for your family. Having an up to date last will and testament in place will prevent confusion and possible mistakes that might occur if you had no will. Even if you hope to avoid probate, a Will is very important. Protect your family from the stress of having to sort out your affairs and make decisions at a very tough time emotionally charged time.

If someone dies without a will the state law will determine how your property will be divided among your heirs and who will be in charge minor children's portion of the property, and your minor children's welfare. There is a provision in every will that appoints an executor. This means you, not the state, choose who will be in charge of your affairs in the event of your death. You want an experienced Will Attorney to prepare your will. A good Will Attorney will explain to you all the options.

The Aldred Law Firm has over 30 years experience in will preparation. It is our opinion that there are no reliable forms for preparing a will in Tennessee. The Aldred Law Firm charges reasonable fees for probate work, and will preparation.

If you believe a will is out of date call us for a free will review. Most wills become outdated simply because circumstances change. Wills should be updated after most major events in your life such as marriage, the birth of a child, divorce and re-marriage. We have actually seen an ex-spouse take a significant portion of an estate because after remarriage and birth of new children the will was not changed. The Aldred Law firm was able to help the family in that case by dissenting from the will.

Dissent from a will is a form of contesting a will. It was sad to see the family go through this because the cost and pain could have been prevented if the decedent had made a new Will. Call the Aldred Law Firm NOW to schedule a convenient free appointment to prepare your will.

We do not accept every case. If a will kit has been used, we may decline that case because of the likely errors that have been created by using a kit.

Probate of the Will

Probate is the process of making a last will and testament a legal document and appointing an executor of the estate. The probated will becomes a legal document which may be enforced by the executor in the law-courts if necessary. A probate also officially appoints the executor (or personal representative), named in the will, as having legal power to dispose of the testator's assets in the manner specified in the will. This requires a Court order. The Aldred Law Firm has over 30 years successful experience in probating Wills. The Aldred Law Firm charges reasonable fees for probate work. We are experienced in all types of probate including small estate probate, common form probate, and solemn form probate and probating holographic wills.

We handle all of the publication and other technical requirements allowing the Executor to focus on the wishes of the deceased. When an accounting and other task are required we manage these also, all the way to closing out the estate. Often times we can have the bond and accounting waived in the Court Order that formally starts probate. Call the Aldred Law Firm NOW to schedule a convenient free appointment to start the probate process.

If There is No Will

If a family member died without a will, The Aldred Law Firm can help you administer the estate by getting a family member appointed as the Administrator. The Administrator's duties are similar to those of the executor set out above. The Administrator needs an experienced probate attorney to guide them through the process and determine what needs to be done with the different classes of property. An attorney may be able to keep some of the property out of probate making things easier for the family. These legal skills have been acquired over 30 years of successful experience handling estates where there was no will. Sometimes we are able to get everything resolved, and keep the will out of probate. Call the Aldred Law Firm NOW to schedule a convenient free consultation to start the probate process.

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