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If you are currently struggling with unmanageable debt, you might consider using your TAX REFUND to pay the one or two most troublesome creditors/debts. You then would struggle with the rest of those creditors. In some cases this might be an appropriate plan. IN MANY CASES, IT WILL NOT. With escalating interest rates, living expenses on the rise, aggressive creditors, and a slow economy, managing the emergency of one or two creditors this way may be a waste of your resources.

The use of your Income Tax Refund to manage all of your debt is often a far more practical and responsible tool. We often see people that have consumed all their TAX REFUNDS or RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS before they consult us. Under our Bankruptcy Laws, a qualified retirement account can be fully protected in bankruptcy. Protect that account for your future, don't waste it.

USE YOUR TAX REFUND WISELY. If you have a large or small tax refund coming to you, it can either be consumed for your families' necessary expenses and any remainder protected if you qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If you qualify for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, your tax refund as well as most other assets, can be protected and kept.

If you are suffering from unmanageable debt, get bankruptcy advice. It costs nothing to make an initial inquiry. Your TAX REFUND can be, either protected or used wisely.

The Aldred Law Firm has over 45 years successful experience in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer is essential when you need to file for bankruptcy, consolidate credit card debt and get the greatest debt relief. We can help you wipe out unwanted debt, stop foreclosure, stop repossessions, stop harassing phone calls, go back to living your life, and restructure your debt. Protection from creditors through bankruptcy is a responsible tool that treats all creditors consistently under the law. It is extraordinary relief from overwhelming debt. The Automatic Stay stops all collection activity!

The toughest part about filing bankruptcy is getting started. We will explain the entire bankruptcy process including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 from our initial consultation where we gather all the information required for the bankruptcy petition through the debtor education and meeting of creditor's process and completing with discharge.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy offers extraordinary relief from overwhelming debt. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can wipe out most credit card and unsecured debt. There is no minimum amount of debt required for you to file bankruptcy. Depending on your monthly income and finances you can often keep a car or house even in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you property is being attached or you are being sued or your wages garnished please contact us. We may have a solution through bankruptcy protection that can help you. The automatic stay provisions for filing bankruptcy stop immediately collection efforts from creditors.


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