The Aldred Law Firm has over 50 years successful experience in Chapter 7 and Chapter13 Bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer is essential when you need to file for bankruptcy, consolidate credit card debt and get the greatest debt relief. We can help you wipe out debt, stop foreclosure, stop repossessions, and stop harassing phone calls. Go back to living your life and restructure your debt. Protection from creditors through bankruptcy is often necessary. It is overseen by Federal Laws and structured to provide extraordinary relief from overwhelming debt. The Automatic Stay stops all collection activity!

The attorneys at the Aldred Law Firm are experienced in all sections of the bankruptcy code, including lien stripping, cram down, busting interest on credit card debt, reaffirmations, tax debt relief, debt relief consolidation, and consumer debt consolidation.

The toughest part about filing bankruptcy is getting started. We will explain the entire bankruptcy process including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 from our initial consultation where we gather all the information required for the bankruptcy petition. We assist you through the meeting of creditors process and completion of discharge.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy offers extraordinary relief from overwhelming debt. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can wipe out most credit card and unsecured debt. There is no minimum amount of debt required for you to file bankruptcy. Depending on your monthly income and finances you can often keep a car or house even in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If your property is being attached, you are being sued, or your wages garnished, please contact us. We may have a solution through bankruptcy protection that can help you. The automatic stay provisions from filing bankruptcy can immediately stop collection efforts by creditors.

Are you unable to pay off credit card debt and wondering how to get out of debt? Stop laying awake at night worried about your bills, file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and eliminate your debt fast. If you fall below the median income as set forth below and the equity in your home is not over the exemption amount you may be able to wipe out your debt through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and likely keep your home, retirement plans, and other assets.

Median Family Income

Family Size

Annual Income Under Monthly Income Under
1 $41,642.00 $3,470.00
2 $50,983.00 $4,249.00
3 $53,001.00 $4,750.00
4 $67,930.00 $5,661.00
5 $76,030.00 $6,336.00
  • Add $675.00 per month for each individual in excess of 5

If your income is above the amounts set out above you can still save your home and assets through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. You will pay back only the portion of your debt affordable to you with your excess disposable income through a Chapter 13 Plan. If you are filing a Chapter 13, most of your attorney fees may be paid through the Plan. You will be able to consolidate debt payment and start over. Interest on unsecured debt is often wiped out or at the least greatly reduced. This reduction or rejection of interest often greatly reduces your repayment amount.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows clients an opportunity to catch up arrears on house payments or car payments. A Chapter 13 budget is calculated so that your basic ongoing expenses such as utilities, food, transportation and insurance needs can be met while car and house payments can be made and caught up in the Chapter 13 plan. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a valuable tool to stop home foreclosure or car repossession.

Would you believe a married couple with a minor child may keep $50,000 of equity in their home? Well it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! Ordinarily, they will also keep ALL of their retirement! Vehicles are usually protected as well.

GET OUT OF DEBT! Getting out of debt is not hard or expensive. Choosing a reputable experienced personal bankruptcy attorney is the first step….. We are your debt solution! Take advantage of our debt relief assistance and become debt free. The stress is gone, and the phone calls STOP! We want to help!

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