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Your choice of your divorce attorney matters! In a divorce, the spouse with the best and most experienced divorce attorney always comes out on top even if the divorce is uncontested. If any dispute exists your choice of attorney is even more critical.

Attorney Aldred has over 25 years of experience handling contested and uncontested divorces in Montgomery County, Christian County and the Fort Campbell area. Many of these are military divorces

Military Divorce

Mr. Aldred represents both military members and their spouses including retired military persons and their spouses in military divorces. He is s often called the “Fort Campbell Divorce Lawyer.” Unfortunately, many times it will be necessary to file for divorce while you are deployed. If you are on active duty and deployed, we can help you begin the divorce process even if you are deployed. It is important to have an experienced attorney so that unexpected “surprises” do not come up down the road when you least expect it. This is especially true in a military divorce with military retirement pay, etc. As a retired Colonel (O6) in the JAG Corp, Mr. Aldred knows the system.

We also handle many nonmilitary divorces, which can be just as complex.

Uncontested Divorce

Even if you seek an uncontested divorce, your choice of attorney matters. You must have an experienced, strong and knowledgeable negotiator on your side. Why pay thousands of dollars for a contested divorce when you could amicably work out an agreement with your spouse and get the entire divorce process completed quickly and economically and in most cases without having to appear in court. Mr. Aldred will guide you through the process, meet with you and discuss your case and prepare all the necessary legal documents, help you come to an amicable property agreement and parenting plan and take all the necessary steps to finalize your divorce. Hiring Attorney Aldred to handle your uncontested divorce will likely result in your case case resolving smoothly and timely and at less cost than a contested divorce.

Contested Divorce

We represent clients in contested divorce cases involving disputes over debts, property, custody and retirement pay. Mr. Aldred’s knowledge and experience are a major asset in contested cases. Throughout his years of practice, Mr. Aldred has regularly seen the party with the best divorce attorney come out on top, regardless of whether the dispute involves custody, visitation, alimony, debts, property, or other issues. A good, experienced divorce lawyer can successfully protect your assets, get alimony and retirement (or keep your spouse from getting alimony and retirement), get support and fight for child custody. Mr. Aldred has extensive experience representing clients in contested divorces.

Child Custody

Mr. Aldred has extensive experience and knowledge of father’s rights and works hard for father’s visitation and custody cases. Whether you need to enforce fathers’ rights in a divorce or custody case, we will fight for you.

Mr. Aldred has successfully fought for many non-custodial parents’ rights, visitation, emergency child custody and has experience modifying parenting plans and child support. An experienced custody lawyer can help you keep or get custody of your child and win your case. We would be happy to discuss your child custody questions regarding how to get child custody, sole custody, full custody or joint custody. Call us to schedule a consultation today!

The Aldred Law Firm Represents clients in Montgomery County, Tennessee, Christian County, Kentucky, and most areas surrounding Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Aldred Law Firm can also handle cases for service members and spouses that have had a change of duty station (PCS) if Clarksville or Fort Campbell Christian County the proper venue. Contact us for more information regarding venue.

Call us today at (931) 648-9621 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options.

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