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If your baby possibly suffered a birth injury, you need an experienced birth injury attorney to trace the injury to the negligence of the delivery team. At Aldred Law Firm, we help families throughout the states of Kentucky and Tennessee who have watched their child and/or mother suffer before, during, and after birth. With more than 45 years’ combined experience, we know what to look for and help our clients fight for fair compensation.

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Common Causes of Birth Injuries

There are countless situations that can lead to a birth injury. Some of the most common include:

  • Misuse of Pitocin (PIT)
  • Cord prolapse
  • Placental abruption
  • Preterm labor
  • Untreated infection
  • Premature rupture of membrane
  • Improper use of vacuum extractor
  • Failure to give antibiotics during pregnancy
  • Poor management of hyper stimulation
  • Being sent home after water broke or while in labor

Common Signs of Birth Injury

About 80% of developmental delays are caused by negligent birth injury.

If you see any of the following with your baby, they may have suffered a birth injury:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Spells of inconsolable crying
  • They were placed in the NICU
  • MRI shows signs of brain damage
  • Any seizures, even if controlled by medication
  • Speech delays or delays in making normal baby sounds
  • Not smiling by approximately two months of age
  • Delay in sucking more than 24 hours
  • Problems eating or keeping food down
  • Vomiting or spitting up a lot after most feedings
  • Arching back or throwing head back when lying on side
  • Unusual motion of arms or legs or "bicycling legs"
  • Delay in rolling over, sitting up, or crawling
  • Not walking by approximately one year of age
  • Creeping on hands / knees and not crawling

Abnormal Things to Hear as a Parent

Similarly, there are several things that should raise a red flag if you hear it.

If you are told any of the following, your child may be suffering from a birth injury:

  • Your baby has low APGAR scores
  • Your baby's heart rate was low during birth
  • Your baby was stuck in the birth canal too long
  • The myelination process is abnormal
  • There were decelerations in the fetal heart rate (FHR)
  • Medical staff told you this is a birth defect or metabolic abnormality

Take Action Today for Your Child’s Sake

With new laws, your time to file a birth injury claim have been cut extremely short. It is important that you do not hesitate to take immediate action. At the Aldred Law Firm, we can work with you to file a claim and ensure that your child has the necessary funds to take care of them now, and for the rest of their life. If your child has suffered cerebral palsy, or any other kind of lifeline disability, we want to help. Contact us immediately.

If you think your baby might have sustained a birth injury you or if your wife died during child birth, call the Aldred Law Firm at (931) 648-9621 or send an injury contact form through our website.

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New laws have cut the time period in which you can legally file your birth injury claim

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