Wrongful Death

Attorney Bill Aldred has recovered money damages for many spouses and families due of the death of a loved one over the past 40 years. Losing a loved one is an emotional hardship and a financial hardship for the surviving family. That is why family members are entitled to money damages for the decedent's lost income, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Wrongful Death damages are of two types:

  • Money losses sustained immediately by the deceased loved one, such as pain and suffering and medical bills.
  • Money to be paid for the pecuniary value of the life of the deceased loved one such as a lifetime of loss of wages.

My successful experience in wrongful death actions ranges from medical malpractice to tractor-trailer truck wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, vehicle wrecks, and death caused by negligence of someone else.

Wrongful Death cases are handled differently in Tennessee and Kentucky. For example, in Tennessee the law requires reduction for certain expenses that would have occurred over the remaining life expectancy. Kentucky is just the opposite, but has other quirks. In these instances, the insurance company is your worst enemy and you need an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process.

If a family member or loved one was killed in a tractor-trailer truck wreck or in a car or motorcycle wreck due to the negligence of someone else, Attorney Aldred can help you recover money damages for the inevitable medical and hospital bills that are incurred as a result of your loved one's injury. Wrongful death claims also help the deceased's loved ones cover the unexpected funeral expenses, pay the lost loved one's debts, and fill the gap that results in loss of the deceased's income.

Septic Shock, death from failure to treat sepsis (blood poisoning) is mishandled by many emergency rooms and doctors. Sepsis should be triaged as Level 2 by the emergency room or other medical care providers. This means that only patients who are in the process of dying (Level 1) are treated first. As a level 2 triage the nurse or doctor does not say have a seat but stay with the patient and begin immediate treatment to stop the sepsis by administration of antibiotics. Failure to do so usually results in a preventable Death.

Proper treatment of related conditions such meningitis is the same. If a family member or loved one has died or sustained permanent brain damage or other injury due to septic shock or meningitis call our office immediately. Attorney Aldred has settled cases where the emergency room broke their own protocols as well as the guidelines of the Emergency Severity Index (ESI) which are certain medical rules in determining which patients must be treated in order to save their lives. This is called triage, and the basic rules are set out in the Emergency Severity Index (ESI). Temperature and or pulse are not always the first step. As set out at page 11 of the ESI, there are urgent situations in which a patient should skip triage and a doctor immediately intervenes to save their life. If this is not done and the patient dies, it is medical negligence as this death could have been prevented. If your loved one died as a result of negligence, you should not go through this alone, call our office for a free consultation today.

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