I am a lawyer with 35 years successful experience in the medical malpractice area on what are called "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER," events. These NEVER events should NEVER happen but they do and cause very bad, permanent injury or death. These are "clear mistakes that are serious; always preventable.

For example, your infant should never have been born with cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy is caused by a hypoxic ischemic event (oxygen/blood deprivation) and is caused by inattentiveness and negligence of the delivery team. Either the doctor or a nurse or both were not paying attention during the birth process. Cerebral Palsy is sometimes accompanied by seizures that can last for the child's entire life. This type of birth injury can be caused by ignoring the fetal heart rate strips, decelerations mean the baby's brain was not getting enough oxygen or the baby was in the birth canal too long, failure to treat fever or high blood pressure of the mom. Not all birth injuries are accompanied by seizures. Sometimes failure to supervise prenatal care prior to delivery is also a preventable "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER event".

Other NEVER events include: administration of the wrong medication resulting in permanent injury, a foreign object left in after surgery such as a sponge or instrument, failure to read or misreading doctors' orders by the nursing staff, patient death or serious disability associated with a medication error, surgery performed on the wrong body part, death or serious disability associated with intravascular air embolism that occurs while being care for in a health care facility, death or serious disability (kernicterus) associated with failure to identify and treat hyper bilirubin in a new born, failure of a health care provider to order routine tests that could quickly detect and prevent meningitis in adults or meningitis in a child, and failure to have at bedside medicine that can immediately reverse sedatives including anesthesia during surgery.

A NEVER event is administration of Phenergan/promethazine into your arm. The damage to blood vessels and nerves may cause loss of your arm. If you save your arm you will still have permanent damage. The black box warning has told them since 2009 not to do this but hospitals and emergency rooms still break the black box rule. You must have a lawyer who knows medicine to file the claim for breach of care. I have experience in these cases.

NEVER events ALSO include improper placement of an oxygen tube or misplacement of the oxygen tube or improper and early removal of an air tube or tracheotomy tube. This causes brain injury and oxygen deprivation to the brain. A collapsed airway is caused by negligence; usually the negligent removal of a trach tube.

If a hospital or doctor provided bad care that caused very serious damage or death the patient family is entitled to money damages and benefits. All medical care providers are required to exercise good care. If the hospital or doctor waives their costs and there is a permanent injury, they are trying to distract you until it is too late to recover damages!

If you or a loved one or family member has been the victim of a "never, never, never event" that has caused permanent injury, paralysis, death or a lifelong injury, call our office IMMEDIATELY! Do Not Wait, THE CLOCK IS TICKING. Some NEVER errors are:

  • Child with Ceberal Palsy
  • Misread mammogram
  • Er failure to use tPA to treat stroke
  • Misplacement of air tube causing brain damage
  • Failure to use reversing medication for anesthesia
  • Failing to diagnose meningitis
  • Death from septic shock caused by failure to treat sepsis

Septic Shock, death from failure to treat sepsis, (blood poisoning) is mishandled by many emergency rooms and doctors. Sepsis should be triaged as Level 2 by the emergency room or other medical care providers. This means that only patients who are in the process of dying (Lever 1) are treated first. As a level 2 triage, the nurse/doctor DOES NOT SAY HAVE A SEAT, but stay with the patient and begin immediate treatment to stop the sepsis by administration of antibiotics. Failure to do so usually results in a PREVENTABLE DEATH. Proper treatment of related conditions such meningitis is the same. If a family member or loved one has died/sustained permanent brain or other damage from septic shock or meningitis call, Bill Aldred, IMMEDIATELY. I have settled cases where the emergency room broke their own protocols, and the guidelines of the Emergency Severity Index (ESI). This should NEVER have happened.

Stroke: Ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes can occur because of malpractice. An ischemic stroke happens when there is an obstruction in a vital vessel that supplies blood to the brain. This happens in about 87% of all strokes. A hemorrhagic stroke, on the other hand, occurs when weakened vessels rupture and spill blood into the brain. Commonly, this is due to uncontrolled high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Treatment will differ based on what type of stroke the patient experienced.

Immediate treatment with tPA is the "Gold" Proper Standard for ischemic strokes. It is a tissue plasminogen activator, or tPA, which is also called an IV tPA because it is given intravenously. tPA dissolves clots and improves blood flow to the brain. If given to the patient within three hours, tPA can improve the chances of recovery. Many stroke victims, however, do not get to a hospital in enough time for tPA treatment to be administered, which is why it is vital that strokes are identified immediately. As a lawyer I help families who got their loved one to the ER, just to see the ER delay in treating the patient. This is a medical error that should never happen. Failure to use tPA within hours of a stroke medical malpractice. This should NEVER have happened.

There are many other NEVER events I can help you or your family rectify.

Remember Three Rules:

  • Consult an Attorney Immediately Upon Suspicion of Malpractice!
  • The Law Recently Cut Very Short The Time For a Minor to File!
  • Confide Your Suspicion Only to an Attorney and Close Family!

Call Attorney Bill Aldred or submit an inquiry form here. Experienced in medical malpractice in state and federal court and against the military with the Federal Tort Claim Act. Board Certified as a Civil Trial Specialist

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